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The Design Process:

At Rusch Guitars, we take pride in our collaborative approach to crafting custom guitars. Before any work begins, we work closely with our customers to fully realize their vision. This includes outlining all specifications and obtaining approval on rough sketches, ensuring that each custom Rusch guitar is crafted to perfection according to our customer's unique preferences.


Our pricing is determined by the unique specifications selected by the customer, including the type of wood, hardware, and appointments. Generally, the more intricate the design, the higher the price due to factors like additional bindings, inlays, electronics, or custom features. For those who require a sketch during the quoting phase, a $100 sketch deposit is required, which will be deducted from the final guitar total upon ordering. Please note that this deposit is non-refundable if an order is not placed, and only one sketch fee is required per unique design.

Please note that every guitar from Rusch Guitars includes one free estimate and one spec sheet. Additionally, 1:1 full scale sketches are available for $100, which will be applied to your order and are non-refundable if an order is not placed. For any additional shop time needed for "on the fly design work," repair work, modifications, or other services, the cost is $50 per hour.

Order Form

All instruments are hand built & custom crafted one at a time and there is no return policy. If there are any defects upon arrival of the new guitar, Rusch guitars needs to be notified immediately with the issue. If there is any credit to be issued, discounts offered by Rusch Guitars, shipping or difference credits, a check shall be issued 90 days from determination. Lifetime Warranty work must be pre-qualified and pre-approved - the instrument with be shipped back after such work is complete. All Rusch Guitars have a Lifetime Warranty - Thank you, Robert W. Rusch